Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mountain out of a Garage Hill

For the past few days I've been an anxious wreck in Philadelphia, an hour and a half from my family's house in Lancaster. I suppose a lot of things have added to everyone's stress in the past month, i.e. moving out of the house in which we grew up, and two of us (my brother and I) moving away from home. My sister is left to live with the parents during the summer, working as a server across the fairway (on which my parents live) at the golf course restaurant.

With all the stress and thinned attention, my sister accidentally tore the front bumper off my dad's car as she backed out of the driveway.

The consequences of this accident were magnified because my mother is volunteering as a nurse at a sleep away camp, so (with my brother and I gone) my sister incurred the wrath of my father, who has exactly two emotions: happy and angry. Sadness is possibly a third, but I've only heard of that once and it was extreme circumstances... still, I didn't witness this third.

If anyone reading this is a middle child, then they know exactly what I mean by: sometimes, I have to "translate" among all my family members, because they all speak different languages. So everyone texted or called me during this car crisis, yelling or crying. Self-loathing and other-loathing and frustration. Anxiety and total lack of motivation to live were a few of the feelings flying at me through the phone.

I couldn't go back to Lancaster, however, because my boyfriend needed a ride to the airport this morning. But now, I'm in Lancaster. I parked next to the said wrecked car and checked out the garage door.

Okay, so there's no front bumper and the headlight is cracked.

But.... where this $3000 worth of damage to the garage door is, I have NO IDEA. I didn't see anything wrong with it. Not sure if it's "internal" damage, but I wouldn't even know where the "internal" part of a garage door is.

So why is everyone freaking out??

Because my mother is a calming force in these situations, and she's (thank goodness for her sake! haha) at camp.

I hereby declare, mothers are now required to be present during incidents of destruction, but are forbidden to be harmed or involved in that destruction.

The world would be a better place if mothers were there to make valleys out of these mountains out of garage hills.