Monday, June 7, 2010

Wrong Side of the Bed.

Well, it's only 11:09 in the a.m. so I can hardly say I am having a terrible day yet. A full 24 hours of terrible have yet to happen, however, this is what I can say:

1. I woke up to my air conditioner spewing some sort of toxic sludge onto me.
2. The coffee I had earned through customer loyalty, 15 stamps on a card, was destroyed
(see 3).
3. The elevator I take up to the fourth floor of my office building, prematurely closed on me, has no "door open button", and so hit my wrist swiftly causing me to drop, ney, fling my coffee cup.
4. Said coffee cup subsequently flew up my skirt and burned my thighs, and soaked my underwear.
5. I have my period.
6. Pad I was wearing absorbed coffee I am sitting in a hot, coffee, genital mattress.
7. Because I was running late for work I had to settle for a smoothie of pre-macerated, pre-chewed, once whole fruits. We are not allowed anything but drinks at the office desks.
8. While cleaning up said coffee spill in the bathroom, looking in the mirror and realizing I have a pimple smack-dab square in the middle of my forehead.

These are the 8 occurrences, in the three hours I have been awake, that lead me to believe this is going to be Keren and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

How do you get yourself out of a funk?

Le Sigh,