Thursday, June 17, 2010

Newspaper Blackout Poems

Two years ago a few friends of mine, (BenCo, Calder, and Sonja to be in the specific) had the idea of creating Newspaper Blackout Poems out of the same article. We did this to show the vast number of ways one conglomeration of words could be interpreted and reinterpreted, smashed and rehashed. We each did a few versions, and probably had about 12 different iterations of the same (approx.) 480 word article. Mine shall remain hidden away in the bowels of my "Pictures Folder" because of its lack of neatness and my OCD. Below are three favorites:

As per most tasks in the life, all you need is a Sharpie and a bit of creativity.

by Sonja Vitow

by Calder Stembel 

by Ben Cocchiaro

Thus concludes,

Now go on and try your own, ruin your dad's paper!


amy said...

That's really clever!!!!