Friday, June 4, 2010

Lap Tops?! Pshht. Pulease. (Live)

Desktops are totally cool. AND portable. I currently am watching this guy (or kid? It's hard to tell.) surf the web on his desktop computer... IN BORDERS BOOKSTORE. He has the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse, and the tower all here.

Being a wuss, I am having a difficult time getting up the pluck to take a photo of him, but I did get a picture of his work station when he got up to use the bathroom. Although the photo doesn't show this, on the chair next to him, he placed a small vase (most likely plastic) with fake flowers in it. At his feet, he has a gym bag full of clothes. From my angle it appears to be full of folded dress shirts.

Without telling you that I am pretty sure this guy is mentally challenged, I'd like to ask: what are the pros and cons of the lap top versus the desk top in a public wifi area???

1. No one steals a desk top. You could leave your post for hours, and come back to find your machine as you left it.

2. In a similar vein: "Excuse me? Um, do you think you could watch my stuff for a sec?" says the wary lap top owner to a big scary man who grunts a response you hope means yes. The web surfer who brings his desk top to Borders never has to engage is awkward human-human communication. And isn't that the point of being on your computer in Borders in the first place? You automatically look busy when you're on a computer, even if you're just looking up all the different hair cuts Jessica Simpson has ever had.

1. Desk tops may or may not be heavy.

2. People may or may not stare at you if you lug your desk top into a bookstore, especially if you're like this guy I'm looking at who has not purchased anything. In fact, it appears as if he is using books as if this were a library...

If my math is correct... +2 + -2 = 0 Then there really is no need to ogle at this man (for now I see he is no "kid") smartly googling images of Jay Z on his Dell.

Now I feel embarrassed for being seen with my 13" lap top.... oh. oh. no.




Keren, rhymes w/ Heron said...

Lea, you cannot talk about Jim in the blog if you've NEVER introduced him to the readers. hint hint. :>

Leah, wife of Jacob said...

Oh. I read your comment after deleting him from the post... whoops. What do I doooo? Should I write an introduction? Or just forget him!