Monday, June 7, 2010

Carpentry? I must be a deity!

Today I made a table with 4 legs, 11 nails, 7 pieces of splintered wood (1 pre-painted), and sundry tools. Tomorrow, I conquer Carthage.

My day began this morning with fatigue and menstrual cramps, but will end with high energy and, well, probably more cramps. My secret? Involuntary manic behavior once begun can overcome any anti-productive lethargy. Even if that lethargy is the result of no sleep for 48 hours. Of course, you have to have some sort of mental disorder to achieve the results found in this blog post study.

In my refrigerator right now is a pineapple souffle I made this morning. I used a whole pineapple I bought at Reading Terminal on Friday and crushed it myself in order to make the souffle today. While letting it cool, I browsed the internet for Home Depot's weekly in store specials!

At this point, I realized how dumb I am. And how I'm like 90 years old at the age of 23, but that's fine. Being 90 is actually a good time. I rarely suffer from hangovers, and I have yet to acquire some incurable STD, let alone a curable one.

Then again, a few weeks ago I woke up the morning after a wedding and threw up the entire contents of my stomach, including such treasures I didn't know I had consumed such as a sticker from a piece of fruit. I'm guessing it was a piece of fruit, but I didn't remember eating fruit at all, so maybe it was a sticker from something else.

The point is that I was eating fruit. 90 year olds often eat fruit. It's just there thing.

This week at HD, you can buy good potting soil for about 6 dollars when it was originally about 8. You can also buy 4 perrenial plants (in 6 in containers) for $10.

Good deal. Good deal.

There are the downs to being ninety, such as: the coupling of stubbornness and general inability.

I experienced this nasty coupling today while building a table. Perhaps you are wondering: "why are you building a table?" My answer: 1) I haven't the money for buying a table; there are no specials at HD this week for those, and 2) I had the materials to build one.

As I stated first, my materials involved pieces of scrap wood from the garage-- NOTICIA: JUICE, do not worry! I did not use any scrap wood that would cause you to be unable to finish the molding in your house. I basically tried to nail a bunch of wood to the sides of a larger piece of wood before standing it up to see if it was capable of holding things.

The first time, it wasn't.

Because of the mania I was experiencing, I did end up finishing a table that works as a table, but I thought to myself: "Maybe Jesus felt like this... carpentry, outside, planting things." Good times. Good times.

That was basically all I was getting to with this post. In addition to making a table, I also planted a tomato plant, a hydrangea bush, emptied the cat litter, made cookies (because I ate the rest of the cookies that Juice usually eats for breakfast... Sorry, menstrual cravings...), and I am sure that the rest of my day will be filled with many little, braggable accomplishments.

Of course, my table can hardly stand. So perhaps I am less than a deity and more like just crazy and in need of a job.

Peace, Love, and Planting,

Leah, Wife of Jacob