Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Like the Travelocity Gnome.... but Las Llaves en Miami.

Joel's Keys took a fantastic trip to Miami the other week...we wanted to share with you all the crazy and wild things they did. Joel's Keys let effing LOOSE!

04:00:00 Joel's Keys: Empty SEPTA car en route to PHL Airport. Sooo excited!!

08:30:00 Joel's Keys: Bienvenidos a Miami!! Checkin' out those palms!

12:30:00 Joel's Keys: FT. Laudy, beaches! Eyein' that storm on the horizon.

13:00:00 Joel's Keys: Smokin' a cig after a long day en la playa.

22:00:00 Joel's Keys at the dyke bar.

10:30:00 Joel's Keys eating Huevos Rancheros... South Beach, the morning after.

11:30:00 Joel's Keys shopping off the hangover.

12:45:00 Joel's Keys seeing the sights.

21:00:00 Joel's Keys gettin' crunk at the arcade they call Dirty Blondes. And Leah's O-face...wait, what?

Much later.... maybe 3am, maybe 5am Joel's Keys with the hott young THANGS!

Joel's Keys did it all. To see where Joel's Keys go next, visit See y'all in the next HOT SPOT destination! ;)

Jessica Rabbit
Leah, wife of Jacob


Sasha said...

Joel's keys get aroundddd