Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Run Down

Happy Father's Day!

My sister refuses to use sugar packets (or sweetener packets) that aren't yellow.

My mother chastised my sister for stirring her coffee without holding the spoon like a pencil. She then demonstrated for my sister the proper way to stir coffee. My sister then corrected my mother, telling her that she was stirring tea, and therefore, my mother's assessment was irrelevant.

Fox News gets there White House correspondence via Obama's Twitter account. Which is sadder? Obama letting us know information about Iran by tweeting? Or the media considering Twitter newsworthy?

My father declared this morning: "First! The coffee we make today will be vanilla flavored. Second! I am staying in pajamas until 9p.m. Well, actually maybe 9a.m. because by the time 9p.m. comes around, I will be going to bed so there really isn't a point to declaring my pajama state finished until I wake up tomorrow."

There are dark clouds closing in on Lancaster, but the sun is shining on the west part of the house. I am drinking orange juice, and blogging at the kitchen table.

I am currently jobless, and I am going to the beach for two weeks in about two weeks. Ha!

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