Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cha-Quack Amex Card, also: Religion Maybe.

Funny word: cause/Cause

"It's for the Cause!"

"So the It is causing the Cause?"

Speaking of causes and Causes...


A girl eats lunch with her business partner, who is also a woman.

After discussing sundry business items that they had written on their small leather agenda books, the one girl sighs.

The other girl asks why the first girl sighs. The sighing girl responds, "Boys."

The other girl looks up to Heaven and says, "Oh my women relatives, why did we not heed your warning?"

Both girls look at each other and realize that they make no sense. They return to the last item on their business agenda: Cha-Quack Amex small business card.


So this got me to thinking about the choices that we have: The Choice we all have to look up or down when speaking to dead relatives: Shouldn't we do both just to cover our bases? Up and Down.... you know, just in case?

Or if you're a Dante-ist (not a Catholic), you can look directly forward into nothing, and address those dead relations stuck in Purgatory.

What's with getting rid of Purgatory anyway? It completely changed the Catholic dogma.

Now's it's catma.

A sufficient number of reasons why we need Purgatory, and so it should be reinstated:

1) 80-year old sluts.

2) Afterlife housing for the refugees who were displaced after Purgatory was gotten rid of.

3) The DULL. The ones who aren't good or bad, but just making the world suffer with their mediocrity.

4) Baby-killers (before the third trimester... I mean, really... it's not that bad, but it's BAD.)

I think those are good causes for the Cause.

In nomine Patris et fillii et Spiritus Sancti.

-Leah, wife of Jacob

-Keren, rhymes w/ Heron