Monday, April 27, 2009

Reminder: Much Ado About T-Shirts

Just a reminder: if you bought your high-end, tailor-made, black leather studded Florida State University English Department T-Shirt, do not wear **it tomorrow**, because **tomorrow** is GW English Dept T-Shirt Thursday. Yes, Tuesday is T-Shirt Thursday. [The previous information is now correct, although yesterday it was not.]

It's kind of like GW Monday, which is actually a Wednesday.

Oh my god! It's Hamlet! Everything's backwards!

Which reminds me of an anecdote:

Two BFF Girls walk into a hipster party. Guys are macking on Girls. Guys are macking on Guys. Girls are macking on Girls. Girls who may be guys are macking on guys who may be girls.

And each mack is assisted by the brilliant and creative moleskine owned by the hit-on-er. The hit-on-ee laughs (or doesn't laugh) as they fall in hipster artsy love.

The BFF girls eat some pretzels and drink PBR as they observe the party.

The first girl turns to her second girl and says, "Oh my god, it's Much Ado About Nothing!" But she pronounces the title in Middle English, so the pun is clear. The second girl laughs and laughs, and then they leave and go to 51st State where they get picked up by pretending they know nothing about anything and everything about 'Nothing.'***


***Notes, Vagina, but not a dirty link, I promise.

This may or may not ruin the photo if I tell, but I'm just so damned proud of my skills: I totes photoshopped those Moleskines into the picture. Ha!


Sasha said...

I just laughed so hard I cried a bit.

Thanks for ruining my mascara, Leh.

Jeffrey J. Cohen said...

But T Shirt Tuesday is TUESDAY -- TODAY!!

Leah, wife of Jacob said...

Fixed. Spade. Neutered. I went in there and domesticated that post.

Today is T-Shirt Thursday (aka T-Shirt Tuesday). hahaha. God, my readers are so smart. Soooo smart. They can understand ANYTHING!

Luthcampnurse said...

What is mack? Why didn't you get me a GW english T-shirt for Christmas???? your mother

Jessica Rabbit said...

Omg those moleskins look so real

Leah, wife of Jacob said...


Mack means to ostentatiously flirt with someone.

The Tees are still available. Would you like one? haha.