Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pulitzer Prize Winner at GW Tomorrow!

Edward P. Jones, author of The Known World, is reading tomorrow Wednesday, April 22 at 5pm on GW's campus in Philips Hall Room 411.

The Chair of the English Dept Dr. Jeffrey Cohen requested that Ducks attend. Well, Doctor, we accept! And we are inviting whomever reads this post in time and is in the area to come and join Ducks to sit and enjoy Magister's clean, deep voice as he reads from his collection of short stories All Aunt Hagar's Children.

(magister=latin for teacher)

Mr. Jones is a good man, and I have benefitted from his instruction these past few months.

He is also, like most great writers, a bit of an oddball. And I say this with respect, for how could a writer create such complete worlds and plots and feelings without occasionally leaving this world for a moment or two. I am always telling Keren that I believe I black out when I write sometimes. The next day, when I read my writing again, I can hardly remember writing what's written before me. Even these blog posts... I wake up after writing them, and then proceed to edit all the bad stuff out. For instance, one time I was going to write a blog post about how my friend can tell a lot about a person's life just by knowing what their poop looks like, and I was going to give myself as a model for his great skill. That post turned into a post about poop in general, and thank god for that... my mother reads this blog. Phew!

Anyway, so if you come to the reading tomorrow night, you will get the chance to meet a great person and an amazing writer! And also, you can get my autograph if you wish. I'm sure Dr. Cohen will also be signing autographs.

Peace, Love, and Joy,

Leah, wife of Jacob


Jeffrey J. Cohen said...

I am no longer signing autographs at these events because too many have ended up on eBay.

Sasha said...

So, you found the ducks + sasha ebay store filled my JJC memorabilia?