Monday, March 30, 2009

Take N Train North to 49th Street and 7th Ave station for.... TKTS booth. Or the 4,5,6,7 Train North to Grand Central for Michele's place.

First, I apologize for not having posted in a few days... or couple weeks... I had blog block real bad. I know how so many of you need Ducks for their news source, so I am sincerely apologetic.

That all being said, I was standing around the other day outside New Hall. My raven black bangs were greased into the side sweep, and I had my back to the wall with one foot on the ground and the other resting on the wall. I decided I needed a cigarette to complete my look, that of the Disaffected Youth. As I lit my cigarette,

my hands were older.

They were drier, redder, and just older. I realized that I wasn't a Disaffected Youth anymore, but instead a Disaffected Young Adult. The next morning Keren and I packed up our young adult shit and went to New York City to find men and show off our bods. Yea, it was a great idea.

The Chinatown bus being as great as it is, we completely forgot we were in the bus and thought we were flying Jet Blue. I impossibly all of a sudden was wearing a gold bead necklace and plucked an olive out of Keren's martini glass. Keren was impossibly wearing a coral colored silk blouse and slurped her extra dirty martini--bombay gin of course.

Keren said that I was impossibly the calmest alcoholic ever... impossibly because we were still really on the Chinatown bus.

Later that day:

I can't remember how this one went down, except it had something to do with the beginning of this post, and we came up with New York's Naked Disaffected Youth in Times Square Who Doesn't Care about the Naked Cowboy.

The Point:

Sporatically the rest of our mini-holiday with boys and bars and sluts, we had many o' conversations when we stepped into the shoes of the Serene Alcoholic and the Naked Disaffected Youth in Times Square Who Doesn't Care about the Naked Cowboy. These New York conversations between us usually ended with the NDYTSqWDCANC (I left out some articles, unimportant!) saying "whatever."