Thursday, February 5, 2009

Words You May Wish to Start Using

Keren and I, if I may say so (oh, I can feel my cheeks blushing), are quite excellent in Neologism. Here are a couple examples that you may feel free to begin using.

philacaia (fil-uh-ki-uh. long i): someone who smokes a lot of pot, but isn't a pothead.
i.e., there are many functional, ambitious, hardworking people who, because they enjoy a sleeping bowl or an afternoon joint with some friends, are what we lovingly and respectfully call philacaias.

intaedesse (in-tuh-dess): the point at which one loses interest
i.e., while reading the introduction (to What Maisie Knew) by some woman who called herself Adrianne Poole, I found I reached the intaedesse around page ix.

Please, oft use them freely.


leah, wife of jacob