Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Neolojism: The feeling of erotic joy resulting from exposure to a new word.

Leah and I have been really into inventing new words, as of late. We really dig nomenclature and vernacular! Sometimes we even dig colloquialisms and slang. Mostly, though, we love Onomatopoeia! Sha-Bam! Clank! Whoosh! Buzz!

We understand that some words are created and ultimately fail. For example, Yahoo's word of the day yesterday was :


A million and seven points go to you if you know that word without googling it, also 34 DollHairs (which, when one says it quickly sounds like dollars, and can be used to trick unsuspecting children into giving back rubs...worked for my uncle). Weird.

Anyway, I consider it a failed word. Here are other failed words, that at the time, probably seemed really necessary (which when one reads some of the definitions below, is actually surprising, pathetic, and terrifying). Clickity Clank!

Before we begin, an ironic side-note, even the word that by definition means, an obsession with words is failed! Logolepsy! Transitively speaking, this post is antiquated. Sigh!

In No Particular Order -
  • gabelle - n. - tax on salt
  • wappenshaw - n. - muster of men with their weapons formerly held in certain areas of Scotland.
  • balaniferous - adj. - bearing acorns.
  • zoanthropy - n. - delusion of a person who believes himself changed into an animal.
  • macromastic - adj. - pertaining to large breasts
  • isohyet - n. - line on map passing through all places with same rainfall.
    • isohyetal, adj.
  • squatinid - adj.,n. - pertaining to an angelfish.
  • omnilegent- adj. - reading or having read everything; having encyclopedic curiosity and knowledge
      • Question: Was there a time when someone was truly able to be omnilegent?
  • rosmarine - n. - walrus; mythical walrus-like sea animal believed to feed on dew; sea dew.
  • xystus - n. - indoor exercise area.
  • postmundane - adj. - after the end of the world.
  • prelapsarian - adj. - pertaining to the time before Man's fall.
    • Gosh, these "P" words are scary. What happened to words like Petunia and Pretty and Pleasant?! Boink! Whizz!
  • noyade - n. - drowning, especially of many persons together as form of execution.
  • dacrygelosis - n. - condition of alternating laughing and crying
    • This one seems WHOLLY NECESSARY. I do this all the time. Finally! I can articulate how I am feeling! So happy, so sad. So confused, so elated. So embarrassed, so proud! These are the emotions I experience every time I am in the bathroom. Dacrygelosis.

Enough. What I am really asking here, through all the subterfuge is this, if you could create a new word, what would it be? We (being Leah and myself) shall look up Latin roots and come up with something so snazzy for you it'll put you into a state of dacrygelosis.



P.S. I personally want to invent a word for the smell/taste of when you forget to brush your teeth and then have coffee. YOWZAS! SHWING!


gerard said...

I swear on my the souls of my grandchildren that the following explanation of temerarious is of my own making.

Temerarious has something to do with the fighting Temeraire, a particular warship, possibly british, best known for some mighty fine fighting, destruction of their enemies, the scattering of their enemies' tents, the taking of their enemies' flocks and heard, the lamentation of the women...oh shoot, I got a little Conanarial there.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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