Sunday, November 23, 2008

Leading a Poopuseful Life

Posing a question: Does a person's poop schedule mean anything about their life? Possibly reflect their life? Can a bowel movement turn into an intellectual movement?

According to, about 3/4's of anyone's average, normative turd is made of water. The neutral Ph of water is integral for many enzymes and most life on the blue planet. For example a cell of the E Coli virus contains 70% of water, the human body chimes in at roughly 70%, the plant body goes all the way up to 90% and the body of an adult jellyfish (one of life's most ancient inventions) is made up of 94–98% water.

Transitively speaking, this makes poop really important. So important that we have no shortage of words for the said artifact, introducing an introduction of the poop A,B,C,D's....sing along now.
  • anal butter
  • ass goblins
  • awkie
  • booty cakes
  • bowel movement
  • brownie
  • ca ca
  • coeliac flux
  • coprolites
  • crut
  • doo
  • doodie
  • dookie
  • drek
  • drol
  • dropping
Whatever the case may be, I think there is a mental, emotional and physical imperative to having a rewarding shit on a regular basis. Talk amongst yourselves.