Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Seagull

All y'all should come see 'The Seagull' directed by Jess Creane, starring Vanessa Fitzgerald and some other actors that you probably know if you go to GW... but mainly just Vanessa is the star!

No, for real, everyone was really good.

Friday, 7pm and 10pm showings, Lisner downstage, aka the Black Box.

Or! you can come with me on Saturday night at 8pm, same place!

I will be the shorty outside, wearing a cream colored knit cap (made by my mama) and probably chain smoking Marlboro Lights... the hard pack please! (why even make soft packs??)


by Anton Chekhov

a great play.

Cura ut valeat,



Anonymous said...

Aww baby, I love you!!! I just wanted to correct the times! It is today, Friday October 24th at 7pm and another show tonight at 10pm as well! Our last show is tomorrow October 25th at 8pm!! Come see 'The Seagull'! lots of love x