Thursday, October 16, 2008

Roommates and What They Do

"Onetime I had a roommate who was so mal-hygenic that my other roommates and I made a bet to see how long he would go without toilet paper before he finally bought some. (I pretty much moved out, and the other roommates had their own bathroom.)

21 days.
He went 21 days without any toilet paper. Once he grabbed napkins from J-Street and brought them to use. Once I saw some paper towels in there too. But no toilet paper for 3 weeks.


"My roommate creeps the SHIT out of me and talks/screams/cries/punches and even flirts with me in her sleep. She also tried to jump my man's bones... his ratbones..."

-He Who Must Not Be Named

"One time Kelly Finnegan had sex in my bed."