Sunday, October 19, 2008

Isabel Archer


The previous post, however true, was a bit forward. With the sympathies of women at GW already having been acquired by that post, I'd like to begin this one by saying: I love men. I do. I love them, but only because I have extracted from men a few qualities. These qualities I have surrounded with a soft, but firm, cushioning, which has shoved the rest of what makes up men to a point past relevance. After which I have taken the separated qualites and exaggerated them for the purpose of redefining 'men.' Men, in my worldview, is now synonomous with 'penis.'

And for all you who may think this rude, I mean it not in that way. I mean all this with the most respectable intentions. I do not mean to spread the false opinion that I am a 'loose woman.' I am not. Quite the contrary, actually. By redefining Man as Penis, I have now protected myself from being falsely deceived into a relationship that posits itself as anything more than what my redefinition implies. Therefore saving me from trouble I need not.

I implore you (Women and Bottoms only), heed this advice.



Jessica Rabbit said...

what about versatiles?

Anonymous said...

didn't quite catch any adive to heed. What was your advice? For us all to call men penises?

Leah Webster said...

Advice: To call your relationship with men what it is... not what's it's not.

Post Advice: we'll all probably be homosexuals eventually... seeing as the world is overpopulated and that's what happens in the rest of the animal world when overpopulation occurs... so maybe my advice is also just to become a lesbian.

Estif Rondas said...

But if you do, please become a lipstick one. I'm sick of flannel and bowl cuts... thanks