Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I generally assume that the 11 views are mostly my own (unless it knows when it's me, and doesn't count them) and also Diego. He's the only one who has confirmed that he's read the blog. 

The point is... maybe I should just use the blog to tell a lot of secrets that I have and haven't been able to tell anyone... because they're secrets. I'm a really good secret keeper though. (and for you HP people...I'm a hell of a lot better than P.P. aka W.T.)

So... here's the first secret. It may not be a big secret, but if you were family this would totally make your day. My confidence that my family doesn't listen or care enough to even spend time checking the internet for my presence there allows me to tell you all (Diego) that it was me! I took a fifty dollar bill from my mama's dresser. The whole family mercilessly teases my little sister about stealing the money (because she used to steal a lot of other things) and then putting it back. I actually took it and when the parents blamed my sister, I snuck back into their room and returned the fifty, making her look even more stupid.

The teasing has stopped, but the incident was a rather significant incident in our childhood. And it really summed up my sister's general childhood behavior for everyone in the family. We all consider her the rebel child who takes money because she feels entitled to it. No one will ever know its me because I do not do anything rebellious. Plus, I put it back.

So, maybe this is a lame post. But I don't really think lame posts matter for this blog, because it's called "Ducks and What They Do."


Diego Garcia said...

I definitely don't read this. I don't know what you're talking about.

When I was a kid I was eating a snickers bar in my mom's maroon van with wood siding. You know the kind. Anyway, the ash tray had been ripped out of the back seat for some reason, leaving a rectangular hole into a mysterious compartment. Who knows what kind of treasure one might find in there.

Most likely you'd find three quarters of a snickers bar I didn't feel like finishing and, for some reason, put into the little ash-tray cavern.

Nobody was ever unjustly teased for it, but that snickers was in there for a long time.

Rob said...

I did something really bad once when I was younger, but it could have legal ramifications if it were found out. Actually, I think I even told you about it before. Maybe.

kara-the-pirate said...

leah, i'm sure someone's told you this before, but you're crazy...and hilarious.