Friday, July 11, 2008

Geese aren't Ducks

So I was driving home from the zoo with my family. My Aunt Mary was driving and next to her in the front seat was my cousin Gillian and me and my cousin Andrea were sitting in the back. We were driving home from the zoo and we were on a fairly busy road. And all these cars were slowed down and stopped. And we saw that like they were stopped because a big family of geese were crossing the road. While we were waiting my Aunt Mary got all excited and said 'we're waiting because of the little ducks.' She said 'Look! look at the little ducks!' My cousins got excited too, and I was the only one who knew they weren't ducks. Because they were geese. But I didn't say anything.


Anonymous said...

lol I can totally identify with your situation and the moral obligations you conform to while with your family. it's for their own good you don't mention anything I suppose, Let's have sex!

ps--Fanny Doolee loves geese, but hates ducks.