Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I generally assume that the 11 views are mostly my own (unless it knows when it's me, and doesn't count them) and also Diego. He's the only one who has confirmed that he's read the blog. 

The point is... maybe I should just use the blog to tell a lot of secrets that I have and haven't been able to tell anyone... because they're secrets. I'm a really good secret keeper though. (and for you HP people...I'm a hell of a lot better than P.P. aka W.T.)

So... here's the first secret. It may not be a big secret, but if you were family this would totally make your day. My confidence that my family doesn't listen or care enough to even spend time checking the internet for my presence there allows me to tell you all (Diego) that it was me! I took a fifty dollar bill from my mama's dresser. The whole family mercilessly teases my little sister about stealing the money (because she used to steal a lot of other things) and then putting it back. I actually took it and when the parents blamed my sister, I snuck back into their room and returned the fifty, making her look even more stupid.

The teasing has stopped, but the incident was a rather significant incident in our childhood. And it really summed up my sister's general childhood behavior for everyone in the family. We all consider her the rebel child who takes money because she feels entitled to it. No one will ever know its me because I do not do anything rebellious. Plus, I put it back.

So, maybe this is a lame post. But I don't really think lame posts matter for this blog, because it's called "Ducks and What They Do."

Allergic to Ducks?

No problem. Geese are pretty much the same thing. You can just use those instead.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Salt isn't Sugar

So lately my boss at work has been like poking fun at me, hassling me. I think it's because I'm the youngest waitress he has. But the other week we had a pregnant woman and her husband come in for breakfast. So I get their order and the woman orders french toast. I get their order and I bring it out to them. A little later I check on them. And I noticed there was more than half left. So I asked her, I was just like, 'did you not like your french toast?' or 'was there something wrong with the french toast?'. So then she tells me, 'well, I thought it might be just my hormones, but this french toast tastes really salty' and I wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying until I heard the word salty and I was like, 'hunh?'. Her husband had tried them too and he said they were really salty. So, I go to find my boss and I run around looking for him, calling his phone. And finally he comes back to the restaurant and I told him what was up. And so he goes back to remake the french toast. The whole time he's like 'that doesn't make sense.' And then he tells me, he whispers, 'I think I was using salt instead of sugar.' So I take out the new plate and she tastes it and it was good. My boss went out and told them, and it turns out he's been making french toast for the past couple weeks now with salt instead of sugar.

Geese aren't Ducks

So I was driving home from the zoo with my family. My Aunt Mary was driving and next to her in the front seat was my cousin Gillian and me and my cousin Andrea were sitting in the back. We were driving home from the zoo and we were on a fairly busy road. And all these cars were slowed down and stopped. And we saw that like they were stopped because a big family of geese were crossing the road. While we were waiting my Aunt Mary got all excited and said 'we're waiting because of the little ducks.' She said 'Look! look at the little ducks!' My cousins got excited too, and I was the only one who knew they weren't ducks. Because they were geese. But I didn't say anything.

Pictures of Ducks

Here are some really good ducks in pictures showing you what they do.